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R Language Course

About the course
In this R programming course, the candidate will learn about the language R and its practical applications. This R language training course is designed to make the students aware about various topics like- the installation of R language and configuration of the necessary software for statistical programming environment and other language concepts. It will provide a deep highlight on different topics like statistical programming, reading data into E, writing R functions, de-bugging, and organizing R codes.

After getting the certificate, the candidate can join the company as a data scientist or as a business analyst.

What will the candidate learn through this R language training course?

The candidate can learn the varied topics through this R programming course:-

 You will learn how to navigate through the Rstudio interface

  Learn about how to make the graphs

  You will get to know about the basic R structure including the packages

 You will learn about how to perform the basic R commands in the programming language

 You will learn how to handle the R tools, add-on packages and how to find your way in the R world.

Prerequisites before joining the R language certification course

There are certain requirements that one needs to comply before joining the R programming course like:

 There should be a deep interest in the statistical programming

 You need to have a computer along with the knowledge to run R Studio

 Basic understanding of data analytics and structure

 No prior knowledge of programming is required

 So, if you are interested in data science or want to learn the language R from scratch or if you are looking for step by step process to learn the language R, look no further this R language certification course is meant for you.

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Content that will be taught in R language course

This R language training course will teach you about data analytics and data science, which helps in business planning. Data science is a brand that employs techniques and theories in the different fields like mathematics, machine learning, statistical learning, computer programming, and predictive analysis.

Data Science Cycle:

 Gathering Data

 Organize data

 Analyze data


 Descriptive Analytics

 Predictive Analytics

 Prescriptive Analytics

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