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Advance Security

Advanced Firewall Course

This course gives the users the real-time experience on how to set up and configure the IP Advanced Firewall Manager system. Students will be introduced to advanced firewall management course and how to build a network firewall.

Course Objectives

With the help of this course the students can learn about

• How to configure and manage the advanced firewall system

• Configure the AFM Network Firewall in a positive or a negative security model

• Configure the network firewall using prescribed rules

• Build the firewall rules using lists and schedule companies

• Enforce firewall rules or test them

• Use packet tester and flow inspector to check the network connection

• Configure DoS detection and mitigation to protect from vulnerabilities

• Use DoS Dynamic Signatures to protect the system from the attacks

• Configure and use the AFM local and remote log facilities

• Export AFM system report to the external monitoring system

• Isolate bad clients from good using Sweep feature

• Restrict and report certain kind of network traffic for further inspection

• Restrict and report certain types of DNS requests using DNS firewall

• Configure, mitigate and report SIP based DoS attacks

• Build firewall rules using BIG-IP iRules

• Configure, report and block misuse of system services and port using the salient features.

Course Topics

The course topics will include:

• Configuration and management of the BIG-IP AFM system

• AFM Network Firewall concepts

• Network Firewall options and modes

• Network rules, policies, port lists, rule lists and schedules

• IP intelligence facilities like dynamic black and white lists, IP reputation database and IP shunning

• Event logging and firewall rules and DoS attacks

• DoS whitelist

• DoS Sweep/Floof

• Reporting and notification based rules

• Network riles

• Port misuse

• Network Intrusion protection system

• Various components that help in troubleshooting

Who can join the course?

The course is intended for the network engineers, operators, network administrators, network architects, security administrator, security architects responsible for installation, configuration and administration of Advanced firewall system.


The students must complete one of the following prerequisites before joining the course He/she should administer BIG-IP instructor led course or be a certified administrator.

Why Net Tech?

Net Tech is a certified institute offering an array of web designing and development courses. Our advanced firewall course is the most demanded in the industry because we make the candidates company ready. This premier institute has a lot of experts and technical persons who strengthen the pedagogy system. Our courses are relevant and suited for the present times.

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