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    With a 100% placement guarantee students after completing this course from Nettech India will work on a Real Life Project/Live Project consisting of photorealistic Image(View), animation video files, 2D & 3D Boolean, Standard lightning, Advanced lightning by using light parameters tools, Animating camera, path camera by motion panel tools. This exercise will improve their process of thinking towards the ability to produce. When you finish each course and complete a hands-on project, you receive a certificate from Nettech India that you can share with prospective employers and your professional network.

    CAD-skilled mechanical engineers are qualified for jobs in different fields, such as:

    • Architecture
    • Interior Design
    • Motion Graphics Jobs
    • 3D Max Designer Jobs
    • Animation Designer
    • Animation Faculty – 3D Max & Maya
    • Sr. 3D Artist
    • Product Designer
    • Motion Graphic Designer
    • IT-Software, Software Services
    • And many More..


    3ds Max is a 3D model, animation and digital image computer-graphics software. 3ds Max is also used to model and animate the character and to create realistic images of buildings and other objects. 3ds Max is unsurpassable in terms of speed and versatility when it comes to modeling, Maya is a better animation tool and 3DS Max is more suited for modeling, texture and meshing models. The difference between Maya and 3Ds Max is the flow, ease of use and number of available instruments. The inference, therefore, is that Maya scores in animated works higher than 3DS Max. This application is rich in modeling skills, has an architectural versatility for plugins and can be used in the Windows platform of Microsoft.

    Nettech India, which is located in Thane, Mumbai and Navi Mumbai, covers 3ds studio Max course from scratch, which provides an overview of the whole kit and the necessary skills for making professional models and animations by 3D artists. Figure out how to switch through the 3ds Max interface and adapt it to your needs. Explore how various shapes can be modeled using splines, polygons, surfaces of subdivision and modeling. Our well-trained instructor also demonstrates how hierarchies are built, cameras and lights installed, keyframes animated and more.

    Course Objectives

    Nettech India provides 3ds max tutorials for beginners for Engineers/Architects that will help students and professionals to learn and master 3ds MAX software tools. In addition to 3D modeling, candidates can learn fundamental concepts of 3-D modeling and texture. Overall, the course allows students to master and increase the productivity of the software.
    Nettech India offers a range of top-rated 3ds Max courses that are as diverse in subject matter as the different 3ds Max applications themselves. Learn how 3ds Max will help you build your interior, develop your skills in TV production or help you make a video game.