Machine Learning

Though Artificial Intelligence is far away from matching the human intelligence, but the constant efforts of the scientists who are involved in this cutting-edge technology has proven it otherwise. The technology has still a long path as various issues and concerns are sprucing up. The scientist believes that making the machine that behaves like the humans is easy, but bringing on the ethics and social demeanor is bit difficult. Machine Learning is a part of AI process that provides the system to automatically learn and provide enhanced rich customer experience without being programmed. Machine learning focuses on the computer programs and how to develop it.

What is machine learning?

Machine Learning is an extension of artificial intelligence based on the fact that the systems understands the instructions from the data provided and try to replicate it without the human intervention.

Types of Machine Learning Methods

The machine learning methods are categorized into:

Supervised Machine Learning Algorithm-

This kind of learning is used to predict the future events using the past data. It actually means to analyse the data and predict the output values.

Unsupervised machine learning algorithm-

This kind of algorithm is used when the information is not labelled. The system is not able to draw the inference but it explores the hidden data structure to make the decision

Semi supervised machine learning

this kind of algorithm is found in between the supervised and unsupervised algorithm and it uses both labelled and unlabelled data to predict the event. The systems that use this method are considerably improving their learning accuracy.

Reinforcement machine learning algorithm-

this kind of learning method interacts with the outside environment to understand what needs to be done. Trial and search methods are employed for the reinforcement learning.

Which companies have adopted it massively?

Various big conglomerates have adopted this technology massively. We have mentioned some of them.


The leading e-commerce giant has leveraged several benefits out of this technology. So, whether you are shopping for the retail products or electronic products, chances are that you are engaging yourself with the machine learning programs. Starting from the product recommendation to supply chain to capacity building, Amazon has employed machine learning method at every step.

Net Fix

With this technology the company has been able to reduce the data that it needs to stream the video for the lower band width connections or on the mobile devices. The company has also reduced the chances of video buffering.


Unsurprisingly, Google has always been a forerunner when it comes to innovation. The search engine giant was the pioneer of machine learning algorithm and with its continuous efforts, it is striving to further this technology. The image enhancement is a prime example of it. Google machines are using this technology along with the artificial networks to make the dream come true.

Job Scenario

Contrary to the popular perception, artificial intelligence is not making the jobs redundant but assisting the people in honing the skills backed by the data insights. Definitely, this technology has offered a gateway of opportunities and will make a tremendous impact on the traditional careers.



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