MCSE Private Cloud Certification Exam 70-247

MCSE Private Cloud Certification Exam 70-246

Course Introduction:
Today companies are looking for IT professionals who can help them build private cloud solutions to optimize IT service delivery. To gain the best of the cloud computing, Net Tech India brings the MSCE Private Certification Course that will help you prove your expertise in managing and implementing Microsoft private cloud computing technologies.

Course Details:
Private Cloud certification validates that you have the experience, knowledge, and skills to manage and implement Microsoft private cloud computing technologies. It certifies that you have the Windows Server 2008 and System Center 2012 expertise to build a Microsoft private cloud solution and gain IT infrastructure automation and flexibility.
In this course you will learn to monitor and operate a private cloud with System Center 2012. You get to understand the basics of the cloud, cloud services, monitoring and automating responses. Also, you learn about managing problems in the private cloud, service management, cloud protection and cleaning up system center databases.
To bring the high-end knowledge for the students, Net Tech will help you understand fundamentals about the Cloud Services, PowerShell Security, configuring compliance in the private cloud and configuring SLAs, dashboards, and widgets through this course.

Course Goals:
The aim of this course is to provide high-end and sound understanding of private cloud computing. The primary audiences for this course are the administrators who create service requests. The secondary audience includes datacentre administrators—who are responsible for providing provisioning for applications including configuring and deploying those applications—application/service business owners, and administrators who implement service request.


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