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About Us

Welcome to NetTech India

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Benefits To Students

Our legacy

a) 100% Job
b)Best Practical Training c)100% Passing Guarantee

Corporate and Certified Trainer
Placed in top MNC
Case Studies and Project Base Training

Our Feature Courses

Name CCIE No. Course Name
Mohammed Faisal Shaikh 48138 CCIE R&S
Mandeep Singh 47964 CCIE SP
Prathamesh Rao 43262 CCIE R&S
Nilesh Pol 40749 CCIE R&S
Sushant Gaikawad 38765 CCIE R&S
Vijay Salkar 27591 CCIE R&S
Sarfaraz sayyed 19528 CCIE R&S
Parag Jagtap 15210 CCIE R&S
Md. Rashid Razi Ahmed 27616 CCIE R&S
Name CCIE No. Course Name
Saurabh Garg 23555 CCIE Voice
Nilesh Gaikwad 27365 CCIE R&S
Shahid Ansari 20017 CCIE R&S
Shashank Rawale 16017 CCIE R&S
Brajesh Thakur 18728 CCIE R&S
Vijay Ramasundaram 25351 CCIE R&S
Sarfaraz Ahmed 21326 CCIE SP
John Jacob 19213 CCIE R&S
John Jacob 19213 CCIE SP
  • Dedicate racks available to each student.
  • No fake image or fake promises original rack setup and
  • NetTech India is here for making careers.

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